Thermal Management Systems

Thermal management is one key technology to enable alternative drivetrains and tackle climate change. ADT offers thermal management solutions for energy storage systems and (hybrid)-electric drivetrains. 

  • ADT performs the thermal load calculation (thermal sources and sinks) and simulates the thermal flow.
  • ADT designs the heating and cooling circuits as well as heat pumps or air conditioning systems.
  • ADT supports the customer from the first draft through testing to the final product.
  • ADT can also take on the coordination of suppliers or the delivery of the end product.

Through its involvement in research projects like exFan, ADT is always at the forefront of innovation in the field of thermal management systems.

ADT employs specialists that can look back on years of experience in air conditioning technology for trains, thermal management of battery energy storage systems and innovative aircraft propulsion systems. The employees are versed in multiple simulation environments including CFD and FEM with Siemens Simcenter 3d. 

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Success story: Development of a 2 MWh battery storage system

Together with its partner network, ADT designed and built the thermal management system for a prototype battery storage system with 2MW peak power, 900 kW continuous power and a capacity of 2MWh.

In close collaboration with the customer, ADT created a concept, that included:

  • Investigation of upcoming battery technologies,
  • Roadmap for potential upgrade possibilities,
  • Modular design to facilitate future upgrades identified in the roadmap,
  • Liquid cooling system,
  • Transportable and rugged construction.

Based on the concept ADT was commissioned to design and build the mechanical components and the thermal management system for the prototype of the battery storage system. Our partners were responsible for the energy management, electrical system and the system software. The prototype system uses second life batteries from the automotive sector.

The cooling system, engineered by ADT, is optimized for extreme climate conditions and high efficiency. In the development of the mechanical components, our concept enabled a rugged, transportable design, along with maximum modularity. 

ADT participated in the installment of the components and the commissioning of the subsystem in Germany.

The system is currently undergoing rigorous testing under supervision of ADT and its partners.

When deployed, this system will replace fossil fuel-powered generators, enabling more environmentally friendly operation at the customer’s site.

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