Drivetrains drive us!

We perform research and development together with our customers to shape the next generation of sustainable drivetrains, protect the environment and satisfy the needs of the end user.

Who we are

ADT was founded in 2022 by five enthusiastic aeronautical engineers to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable drivetrains. Maximising customer value and contributing to the European climate goals is the main focus.

Our Competences

Developing propulsion systems, energy systems and thermal management as well as implementing national and European research projects is the main expertise of ADT.

Our Aim

ADT has the ambition to develop an emission free propulsion system for a single aisle aircraft in service by 2050 to connect the world and people without environmental footprint.

Our Activities

We successfully initiate and implement national and EU funded research projects. Our contributions focus on

  • technical work packages 
  • economic analysis
  • project management

Our technical expertise spans from conceptual and technical design to modelling, up to simulation, validation and testing. 

Through our research activities we remain in the forefront of global aviation research and remain closely connected to European research community. Furthermore, we hone our skills and deepen our knowledge in multiple disciplines: aviation and beyond! 

Being a highly specialized SME, we offer fast, state-of-the-art and tailor-serviced solutions. Our main competences include energy storage systems (our lighthouse project) and calculation and design of gears. With our partner network, our offer ranges from concepts to ready for use products.


Finding innovative new solutions for the main challenges in aviation drivetrains and thermal management systems.


Implementing successful products through our skills, knowledge and international networks.

Gear optimization

Designing transmission systems for best performance, low noise and lightweight design.

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