KISSsoft Training

As a partner of KISSsoft, ADT offers training courses for gearbox design and in the use of the gearbox calculation software.

Gearbox Design

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KISSsoft Basics

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KISSsoft module specific Training

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KISSdesign Basics

In the basic training course, we teach you everything you need to know to operate the new KISSdesign system module. The strategic procedure for creating models in KISSdesign is shown and the possibilities of cross-system calculations are explained. The entire functionality of KISSdesign is explained step by step, starting with the Sketcher, which allows you to create gearboxes using gear trains. In particular, the new features, such as the variant definition, are discussed and the values that are communicated between KISSsoft and KISSdesign are explained.

Explanation of the user interface

  • User-specific settings
  • Sketcher, modelling assistant
  • Interaction of KISSdesign® with KISSsoft® calculation modules
  • System data
  • Tree structure
  • Control panel
  • kinematics (planetary stages, switching matrix, operating states)
  • 3D viewer, positioning
  • Translations, system design
  • Definition of variants
  • Setting of angled shaft axes

Structure of gearbox models

  • Spur gear stages
  • Bevel gear stages
  • Shift gearboxes
  • Planetary stages
KISSdesign Advanced Training

In the advanced training course, we deal with special cases of modelling, the system calculations of KISSdesign and the consideration of load spectra. The main objective is to be able to operate all system modules in KISSdesign in order to be able to analyse gearboxes as a complete system. The target group are engineers who have already attended the basic training course or have already gained experience in modelling with KISSdesign.

Structure of models in KISSdesign:

  • Power distribution
  • Load spectra

System calculations (theory, example, exercise):

  • Gear losses / efficiency calculation
  • Thermal balance
  • Natural frequencies
  • Modal analysis / Campbell diagram
  • Forced vibrations
  • Housing deformation
  • Wheel centre deformation
Specialized Training Courses

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Our lecturers have industry experience in gearbox construction and are active as lecturers for gearbox construction at the Vienna University of Technology and as lecturers at several educational institutions (JK, FH, HTBLA Eisenstadt).
Thanks to our partnership with KISSsoft and our participation in beta tests, we are informed in advance about all important innovations in the software.

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