ADT, as an engineering company, offers customized and tailored development solutions for drive- and powertrains, thermal management and energy storage systems.

Our expertise lies in mechanical and thermal design, customised simulations, requirements management, technical specifications and managing third-party collaborations.

Our services range from project ideation (TRL1) to prototype validation (TRL6) up to delivering a pre-commercial product. Furthermore, we contribute towards a successful implementation of development projects, with our international network of highly specialized industrial partners.

Optimized Gearbox or Drivetrain:

Improve product quality and reduce engineering costs by optimizing your drivetrain during the early development stage.

Efficient System Development

ADT takes responsibility of system development, requirements, and partner coordination, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and streamline the design process.

Multidisciplinary Development Processes:

Benefit from our experience in multiple R&D projects to identify the most effective development approach for your project.

Access to an Extensive R&D Network:

Collaborate with our partners from various European countries, including universities, research institutes, industry partners, and consulting offices, in areas such as aviation, automotive, drivetrain design, tribology, policy-making, environmental analysis, and more.

Success story: Development of a 2MWh battery storage system

Together with its partner network, ADT designed and built a prototype battery storage system with 2MW peak power, 900 kW continuous power and a capacity of 2MWh.

In close collaboration with the customer, ADT created a concept, that included:

  • Investigation of upcoming battery technologies,
  • Roadmap for potential upgrade possibilities,
  • Modular design to facilitate future upgrades identified in the roadmap,
  • Liquid cooling system,
  • Transportable and rugged construction.

Based on the concept ADT was commissioned to design and build the mechanical components and the thermal management system for the prototype of the battery storage system. Our partners were responsible for the energy management, electrical system and the system software. The prototype system uses second life batteries from the automotive sector.

The cooling system, engineered by ADT, is optimized for extreme climate conditions and high efficiency. In the development of the mechanical components, our concept enabled a rugged, transportable design, along with maximum modularity. 

ADT participated in the installment of the components and the commissioning of the subsystem in Germany.

The system is currently on its way to the deployment site outside of Europe where it will undergo rigorous testing under supervision of ADT and its partners.

When deployed, this system will replace fossil fuel-powered generators, enabling more environmentally friendly operation at the customer’s site.

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