High efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and decreased noise and COemissions can be achieved by the ultra-high-bypass ratio (UHBP) geared turbofan engine. The UHBP turbofan uses a planetary gear stage to decouple the fan RPM from the RPM of the turbine. However, moving parts generate friction and heat and therefore require lubrication systems. In-flight loss of lubrication could potentially lead to catastrophic damage.

The goal of LUBGEAR is to combine

  • optimized gear geometry to provide low power loss conditions
  • surface and material combinations providing low friction and surface treatment which can withstand off-design conditions 

This new gear design can withstand off-design conditions without additional means such as secondary or auxiliary lubrication system through reduced friction losses and frictional heat.

This developed technologie will advance over TRL 2 over Simulations and experiments at contact level up to TRL 3 through validation in an experimental component test rig.

LUBGEARs consortium consist of five strategic industrial and university partners who bring together their expertise in engineering, tribology, mechanics, and advanced chemistry.

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