ADT offers a wide range of services in gear optimisation and provides individual solutions based on each specific case:

  • Calculation of Gears
    • ADT assists our customers in gear development. Our services range from conceptual design towards conducting simulations up to finding the right supplier for prototypes. 
    • We are individually consulting your specific requirements and applications to offer tailored solutions.
  • Optimization
    • Your gear meshing produces exceptional noise?
    • Unregular wear and tear of the gears?
    • Your gears fail early?

ADT provides expertise in gear optimization to solve occurring problems. As a first step we re-calculate the macro geometry of the gear toothing and elaborate a model of the whole system. This serves as a basis for a contact analysis of the tooth flanks in order to provide recommendations for adaptations of the macro and micro geometry.

  • Training and workshops
    • Based on the principle of “spreading knowledge by sharing”, we offer courses for the software “KISSsoft”. Those range from basic training how to use the programme to specific trainings for optimising different parameters. 
    • In the framework of workshops we combine trainings with our engineer services. Together we tackle your challenges. We accompany you through your requirements and specific needs with the software “KISSsoft”. Thus you will not only have your current problem solved but also gained the knowledge how to tackle future projects.

Success story: Grand Magellan Telescope

The Giant Magellan Telescope will be a next generation ground-based extremely large telescope based in Chile. It will consist of seven 8,4m diameter primary segments. The telescope is expected to have a resolving power 10 times of the Hubble Space Telescope.

ADT was commissioned to the following tasks:

  • The existing design was modelled and validated.
  • The strength of the gearing was recalculated according to the currently valid standard ISO 6336:2019. This represents the load distribution on several teeth better than the previous standard.
  • The force and torque deviations of the gear mesh were calculated to serve as a starting point for NVH- analyses.
  • The gear geometry was optimized to minimize the force and torque deviations.

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